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PF Registration

How to Get EPF Registration Certificate Online

The term EPF stands for employee provident fund. Normally, most of the people in India known as PF; means provident fund. EPF is a retirement benefits saving plan where both employer and employee contribute a certain percentage of the salary. In EPF scheme, the employee has to pay certain contribution and the same equal contribution is paid by the employer.

And for this, the employer takes the EPF registration for his/her employee. The employer and employee are solely responsible for this to make deposit the amount in PF account.

This particular program happens to be regulated and governed by a body that is known as the Employee’s Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). This particular body was constituted as per the Employee’s Provident Funds & Miscellaneous Provisions, Act 1952. The Employee’s Provident Fund Organization is supposed to be the biggest organization for social security in India and it also has a huge volume of transactions that are taking place over here on a regular basis. The employees get the benefits of such a fund when they retire from their jobs. This happens in the shape of the provident fund.

As such, it can be regarded as one of the biggest savings that you can do to make sure that you have some financial back up after you retire from your work. It also helps that it is the Indian government that backs this particular program.

What is PF Registration?

The process of PF registration can be defined as one whereby the employers register its details and the names of their employees with the Employee’s Provident Fund Organization. This is done so that money can be deducted from their salaries and deposited with the organization. The employers also need to contribute the same amount that they are deducting from their employees for such purposes.

Who is Eligible for EPF Registration?

The organizations or companies or businesses or industries are eligible for PF registration at the time when they satisfy the following criteria:

  • Total employee strength of company is 20 or more.
  • Central Government defines the class of organization who’ve below 20 workers. If it is required, notify them for EPF employer registration.
  • The employer and employee of a company must mutually agree to apply for PF
  • Every employee is eligible for PF from the beginning of his/her employment, but the employer has the responsibility of PF contribution and deduction.

Why do Employers have to Register for EPF?

If an employer has more than 20 people working in the organization, it is compulsory to register for EPF. It has to make regular contributions to the EPF. The way it is done has already been described in the paragraph above.

In case an employer does not comply with this obligation or misrepresents data to avoid paying EPF, it would have to pay a fine of 5000 rupees. Once a company has registered with the Employee’s Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), it has to follow some rules and regulations as well. These rules and regulations have to be followed either monthly or yearly as has been mentioned in the act.

When PF Registration is Mandatory for Employers?

It has already been said that when there are 20 or more employees in an organization, the employer has to register for EPF. This is applicable to all kinds of businesses in India. Apart from that, the central government also has some rules and regulations in this regard.

If it feels that they apply to your business you may have to register for EPF. In such cases, the government would serve the business a 2-month notice irrespective of how many employees the company in question has. In these cases, it would have to register for EPF as soon as it receives the notice.

What are the Benefits of EPF Registration?

The money that people get from their provident funds helps them when they retire. The sum also comes in handy in case of emergencies such as illness, disability, and death of the employee. It can cover most of the risks that the employees may face in this regard.

The employees can also use the money that they have accumulated in such a fund for long-term plans such as the marriage of their children or making a new house for one. These PF accounts are uniform. This means that even when you change your employers you can always have the same account throughout.

What Documents do You Need for PF Registration?

Following is a list of documents that are needed to register for EPF:

  • Name of employer
  • Copy of the certificate of incorporation for societies, LLPs (limited liability partnerships), trusts, and companies
  • Employer PAN (permanent account number)
  • Partnership deed, address proof, and ID proof for all partners of a partnership firm
  • ID proof like driving license, voter ID, and passport
  • AOA (articles of association) and MOA (memorandum of association) for public and private companies
  • address proof of registered office like electricity bill, the registry for owned premises, and rent agreements for rented premises
  • The employer also needs to provide certain details of the employees for their UANs (universal account numbers). They may be enumerated as below:
  • Aadhaar card
  • email ID and contact number
  • PAN card
  • Birth date as mentioned in the Aadhaar card
  • Details of bank account such as IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) and bank account number
  • Employee’s designation

Online EPF Registration Process

While going to apply for PF (Provident Fund) registration, you’ve have to follow this registration process.

  1. Logon to PF registration portal
  2. Register your establishment with EPFO
  3. Register Digital Signature (DSC) of the Employer
  4. Fill up Application Form for a PF code number
  5. Save partial filed application form
  6. Submit the application form
  7. Upload relevant documents signed with DSC
  8. Final review of application
  9. Verify & submit the form
  10. Download allotment registration number of submitted application

The User-ID and Password will be intimated to the owner through SMS to his/her mobile number. The owner can login to ECR portal and create his/her own user-id and password and start give detail information of employee and do payment.

How We Help You in Your PF Registration

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