Food Safety and Standards Authority

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India:

Every Manufacturer or Trader in food products should get Centralised or State wide licence for the Premises from where he is doing the business. For getting FSSA licence the applicant should pay licence fee and the licences has maximum validity of 5 years, The licence needs to be renewed as and when it expires the renewal charges are also the same as fresh licence fee. The licence is subject to some safety conditions if those conditions are not fulfilled the licence is subject to cancellation.

The following persons should get Licence under FSSAI

Hotels, Restaurants, Food Chains, Packaged Food Manufacturers, Food Sellers and Re-sellers, Canteens in Corporate Companies, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Government Institutions, Food Importers and Exporters, Raw Material Suppliers to Food Businesses like Milk Dairy, poultries.