How to Get BIS Registration Certificate in Bangalore India

BIS Registration

Obtain BIS Certification License in India

The full form of BIS is the Bureau of Indian Standards. When you have BIS certification it means that third parties can be sure that the product would be a safe, reliable, and high-quality one. This process of BIS registration happens to be voluntary by nature. This means that if you want, you can apply for BIS registration in India to obtain the BIS certification mark license for your products. The Indian government has made this a mandatory requirement for certain products where you need such public health certification.

What is BIS Certification License?

The term BIS certification license signifies that you have the official document that means that you have received the certification in question of quality, safety and reliability alongside your products.

Importance of BIS Registration for Manufacturing

There are several reasons why a manufacturing business (you) should have to get the BIS certification.

  1. It states that your product is safe to be consumed or used by the public – that it would not pose any issues for their health.
  2. It also assures people that the product is of a high quality.
  3. It makes sure that the consumers are protected from products that happen to be dangerous for them.
  4. It increases & builds confidence among the customers as well.

Products Where It is Compulsory to Get BIS Certification

There are certain products where manufacturers have no option but they’ve to apply and obtain BIS certificate in Bangalore India for the use of BIS Mark on their products. They may be enumerated as below:

  • Concrete and cement
  • Jewellery products
  • Leather products
  • Diesel engines
  • Cylinders, regulators, and valves
  • Household electronics
  • Medical equipment
  • Food and other such products
  • Electrical transformers
  • Oil pressure stoves
  • Testing instruments
  • Automobile accessories
  • Rubber and plastic
  • Steel products
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Wood products

What are the different kinds of BIS certification schemes in India?

There are four main kinds of BIS certification schemes in India

  1. The normal procedure that is followed by the domestic manufacturers;
  2. A simpler procedure that can be followed by the domestic manufacturers;
  3. The eco mark scheme; and
  4. The foreign manufacturers’ certification scheme;

Normal Procedure for Domestic Manufacturers

In the normal procedure you – the manufacturer – would have to submit the application along with the requisite fees as well as the documents that are necessary in these cases. Once your application is submitted it would be evaluated by a BIS officer. Here your product samples would be checked and an independent test report would be created. When the results of such sampling procedure are fine – and all other factors are acceptable – you would get the BIS registration as well. Normally, the registration would be granted within 4 months of making the application in these cases.

Simplified Procedure for Domestic Manufacturers

You can also make the process simpler for yourself by getting your sample tested by a lab that has been approved by the BIS to do such a test. You would have to submit the sample with said test report. If the reports are okay the BIS officer would come visit your factory and check it out. If everything goes well in these cases you can get the approval within 30 days of having submitted the application.

Eco Mark Scheme

BIS also provides the Eco Mark Scheme to products that are environment friendly. This can be called a special scheme as such. These products are normally categorized on the basis of certain basic requirements that are mentioned in the Indian Standards.

Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme

ISI (Indian Standards Institute) has come up with a mark is called as ISI Mark that is meant specifically for overseas manufacturers. This is also granted and designed specially as per a different scheme. The time taken in these cases is 6 months.

What is the Process of BIS Registration?

The procedure of BIS registration can be categorized into two categories – licensing process and surveillance process.

  1. Licensing process

In the first process you would have to take the following steps:

  • You would have to submit your application
  • The BIS officer would then visit your facility for an initial inspection
  • After this inspection BIS would test your samples
  • Once the entire evaluation is finished the results would come out
  1. Surveillance process

After licensing process, it comes to surveillance process, where the whole process of inspection of the factory is carried out at the premises and BIS labs.

See, this process is comprising with the following steps:

  • The inspecting authority would come and test the facility
  • After the testing, they would take the samples
  • The samples would be sent to independent labs
  • The test report would either highlight issues with the sample or provide feedback
  • This would be succeeded by the performance review report
  • The license would be granted on the basis of the report

What Documents are Needed in These Cases?

You need to offer a number of documents as part of your application – PCB layout, user manual, schematic diagram, and critical components list.

In Conclusion

You need to keep in mind that the entire process takes around 30 to 35 days to be completed. The testing phase could take anywhere between 15 to 20 days and the application process could take around 10 to 15 days. It is always better to avail of the help of a BIS certification consultant in Bangalore to get such work done.


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